NEC NP-P502UL 5000 Lumens WUXGA Projector

For business or pleasure, this high-quality and easy-to-use  WUXGA    , 5.000 -lumen  Laser Installation   projector works equally well at education environments or in the Meeting room .




NEC  NP-P502UL    WUXGA    5.000 Lumens  Laser Installation  Projector

An WUXGA , 5.000 Lumens 3LCD Laser Installation Projector with a vast range of adjustment, and BrightEra for higher quality colour and a longer lifespan.

High Resolution and High Quality Picture of WUXGA (1,920 × 1,200)

This projector can maintain stable picture quality through NEC’s original light source architecture and achieve high contrast of 500,000:1.

Support for 4K Input

This is the first NEC projector in the 5,000 lumens class to support 4K at 30 Hz signal input (Supports: HDMI1, HDMI2 and HDBaseT).

A Long-life Laser Diode is Provided in the Light Module

The product can be operated at low cost because the laser light source can be used for a long time (20,000 hours) without requiring replacement or maintenance. (ECO MODE [OFF])

Filter-free Structure with NEC’s Original Circulation System

The proprietary sealed structure achieves highly dust-proof performance. We provided effective cooling by adding NEC’s unique jet impingement cooling method. Due to its excellent dust-proof performance, the projector is not equipped with a filter. Filter replacement is therefore unnecessary. Our new laser-based LCD projector takes low maintenance operation to a new level. No required filter-cleaning means a better TCO.

Self Colour Correction

According as used hours to compensate for a natural colour shift that occurs with age and adjust to natural and suitable colour automatically

Wide Range of Input Terminals (HDMI × 2, HDBaseT, etc.)

The projector is equipped with a variety of input terminals: HDMI (× 2),
computer (analogue), HDBaseT, etc. The HDMI input terminals on this
product support HDCP.

Built-in HDBaseT Support

Simplify your installations with HDBaseT, which is optimised for videoapplications and supports uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, power and control signals.

Brightness can be Adjusted Over a Wide Range

NEC’s unique optical layout delivers high reliability and responsiveness.Unlike with ordinary light sources, the brightness can be adjusted from 30 to 100% in 1% increments. Brightness normally decreases with use, but by selecting constant brightness mode, the projector automatically controls the output from the light module according to the light module usage time to maintain constant brightness.
Silent Design

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