Optoma GT5500+ Ultrashort Through Home Cinema Projector

3600 lumens Resolution : Full HD 1080p Ultrashort Through Projector 1 year warranty




  • Model Number : GT5500Plus
  • VGA input : Yes
  • Display Resolution : Full HD
  • Brand : Optoma
  • Number of HDMI Ports : 1
  • Type : DLP
  • 1080p Ultra Short Throw Projector
  • Lights on viewing – bright 3600 lumens
  • Super-sized 100-inch images – GT5500+ placed 30cm away from a flat surface or screen
  • Enjoy live sports, TV shows and gaming in Full 1080p
  • Easy to setup – multiple connectivity for digital devices and great sound from integrated speakers
  • Super-sized 100-inch images from 30cm
  • Experience a super-sized 100-inch image with the GT5500+ placed less than 30cm away from a flat surface* or screen. Live sports are not to be missed on this Full 1080p projector, whilst watching films is the closest thing you’ll get to the cinema in your own home. And with high brightness and low latency it is great for playing action-packed games in any room.
  • An integrated speaker provides you with great sound and two HDMI inputs enables an easy setup. You can even turn it into a smart projector by connecting a HDMI dongle like the Google Chromecast™, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV™ to play games, stream videos and share photos on the big screen in the comfort of your own home.
  • *Like all Ultra short projectors; to get a perfect image requires a completely flat surface. As most walls are not entirely flat, to avoid slight distortion to the top of the picture, you may need to install a screen onto your projection surface for a perfect image. If this is not possible, we suggest that for non-flat walls you might be better to use a short throw projector which can throw a 100” image from just over 1m”

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